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Industrial High-Speed Doors (High-Performance Doors)

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on May 3, 2021 9:26:00 PM

If you've been looking for one of the most cost-efficient ways to protect your property and building, consider the many benefits of a high-speed/high-performance door.

If you are trying to decide on a worthy investment in the security, convenience, and overall quality of your storage space, warehouse, or loading dock, you should look at the possibility of adding a metal high-speed door, or a fabric high-performance door. Today’s high-performance doors offer:

- High-Speed: High-performance doors offer you more speed than any other type of door. This can help you increase your productivity and efficiency while remaining energy efficient. Plus, a fast door will allow you to get in and out more quickly—reducing energy expenditure in that manner too.


- Security: One of the reasons you are considering the installation of a roll-up door in the first place is security, so why not go with the very best in security possible? These high-performance doors can help you protect your stock, your employees, and your property from both natural and unnatural dangers.

Rolling Door Model 626 Advanced Wide in NYC NJ-1High-Performance Door 626 Series

- Durability: Instead of springs, a high-performance door uses a direct drive motor. This makes the door much more durable and less likely to experience those unexpected problems. In addition, with advanced diagnostics, troubleshooting is easier than ever before.

High-Speed Door, Fast Door, Fabric Overhead Door 992 Wide NYC NJRapidFlex® Fabric Doors for Interior and Exterior Applications

- Added Features: A high-performance roll-up door offers a number of optional features that can help you achieve even more than you thought possible. This includes insulation, weather shield, and wind load options that can help these doors perform well even in harsh environmental conditions.

advanced-service-door-621-seriesHigh-Performance Door 621 Series

These benefits are only the beginning! If you would like more information about today’s high-performance doors and how they can help your business, contact us at Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC. Our team of experts is here to help you!

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Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Doors | NYC & NJ Area

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Feb 17, 2021 11:28:00 AM

Preventative maintenance — that is something you utilize for your car, home, and even your body! When it comes to your business, there is another area you should consider maintaining preventatively—your commercial overhead doors and other security grilles. Overhead Door Co. of The Meadowlands & NYC offers preventive maintenance for commercial doors in NYC & NJ area.

supersized commercial door NYCRoll Up Doors | Rolling Steel Doors

Whether you have aluminum doors, rolling steel doors, sectional steel doors, or another form of commercial door, properly maintaining your commercial door can have some major benefits. Consider these three reasons why servicing commercial doors before they actually break just makes sense:

1. Financial Benefits
If you use your high-speed doors or other commercial doors daily and do not keep them properly maintained, you can have some unexpected and costly repairs. By having your doors inspected and serviced regularly, you can spot problems before they start. Properly lubricating and making adjustments will save you money. Replacement parts are often more affordable when you buy them ahead of time too.

2. Safety First
High-performance commercial doors have many moving parts that wear out and break over time. When these parts are broken, they can become noisy, hard to use and could even cause injuries. In the worst cases, hinges can break and cables snap which could cause major property damage or even hurt you or your staff. Looking into commercial door maintenance ahead of time can prevent this.

3. Keep Your Business Up and Running
You want to keep your business running on a day-to-day basis. If you have broken fire-rated doors, security grilles, counter doors or other parts, you could run into problems that make you shut down. Missed days at work are bad for business. By making an appointment with Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC, you can avoid these closures and keep your business running smoothly.

For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060, email us at: or visit our website

For 24-hour emergency service, please contact us at 973-471-4060.

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Top 12 Benefits of Side Folding Grilles/Doors

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Jan 29, 2015 8:20:00 AM

Side folding grilles offer many security benefits, some of which you've never even thought of! For the curious or the unconvinced, this post lists out 12 of the top benefits.

Top 12 Benefits of Side Folding Grilles/Doors

Some areas just don’t have the right layout to afford a big, heavy door that closes at night. Yet certain high-value businesses such as banks, jewelry stores, document printers or electronics shops, to name a few, still need heavy security during off hours to protect against vandalism or theft.
Enter the side-folding door or grille, which you can install easily, requiring only a small amount of wall space for anchoring on each side. It provides top-notch protection for valuables and sensitive information, but opens and closes easily so any employee can operate it. These doors provide a versatile solution for inner spaces, such as those inside malls or hotels, as well as outer exits, and work for retail, industrial and commercial settings of all kinds.


Top 12 Benefits of Side Folding Grilles Doors resized 600

  • EZ's Side Folding by Overhead Door has a clear anodized aluminum pocket door with turn catch that gives a modern commercial finish. Rolling/Coiling leaves a gap in the ceiling.
  • EZ's Side Folding by Overhead Door requires zero floor space when built into 6 inch stud wall.
  • EZ's Side Folding by Overhead Door has a steel  framed pocket that can support headers for smaller openings-the only "headers supporting" Side Folding Grille/Door in the industry.
  • ADA locking height is standard at 42 inches - perfectly in line with the ADA standards of 15 inches off the floor to no higher than 48 inches. Rolling/Coiling locking is on the bottom bar, on the floor.
  • Side Folding Emergency Egress Door has true push - outward action, Rolling/Coiling goes up - does not meet outward  requirement code
  • Side Folding can flow almost any layout that can imagine i.e. special radius curves, neo-angels, circles - Rolling/Coiling can only be straight. Overhead Door is the only company that makes special curves "in house" in just days - not weeks.
  • Inside or outside comers do not need post/column when using Side Folding, keeping the opening  clear from obstacles of view, Rolling/Coiling will always require post/columns.
  • Side Folding can be 100's of feet wide without support posts. Rolling/Coiling as with corners need support post/columns to make large straight layouts.
  • Side Folding requires only 1 1/2 inches of headroom for the track and never requires a bottom track. Rolling will require 10 to 20 inches headroom.
  • Servicing Side Folding Security Grille/Door will only require dropping on piece of track from the ceiling-Rolling/Coiling may require removal of the ceiling area entirely around the counterbalance assembly to service the product.
  • Side Folding never needs motor assisted operation, no matter  the size, even over 100 feet wide. Rolling/Coiling will need a motor over 16 feet wide.
  • Any width Side Folding can fit i  almost any high-rise buildings freight elevator, Rolling/Coiling is limited if the Grille/Door is wider than 10 feet, it will not fit it in most freight elevators and would require a major cost to install on the higher floors.

You can find more information here.

security grilles 681 685

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Glass Garage Doors for Your NYC Restaurant or Storefront

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Jul 24, 2014 11:17:00 AM

Did you realize how much style and elegance you could give your property with the right garage doors? Glass garage doors for your New York City restaurant or storefront do just this—while still filling an important functional need for your building.

At The Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands and NYC, we offer a number of attractive and elegant aluminum and glass window and door options. These offer contemporary elegance with a modern touch. Our garage doors are sleek, sophisticated and the clean lines are a great touch to any upscale building.

These doors are functional as well as attractive. They allow the maximum amount of light to infiltrate your garage area and they still provide protection from the elements. We can help you choose a door option that will serve your business well both functionally and as a way of attracting customers with an upscale appearance.

View our photo gallery and see what we have done for other businesses around town. Then, if you would like to learn more about glass garage doors and other stylish options for your New York City restaurant or storefront, call or contact us at The Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands and NYC. One of our design experts will be happy to discuss your project and help you choose doors that are the ultimate blend of form and function!


Mermain Inn Cafe Front

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn Design

The Mermaid Inn Design



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Overhead Door's RapidGrille Model 676 Offers Quality & Dependability

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Jan 4, 2014 6:54:00 PM

RapidGrille Model 676 

The Advanced Performance Security Grille offers excellent performance for commercial and industrial customers who have been searching for something sturdy, safe, high quality and low maintenance.

Every client's security grille needs are different, but this new product developed by Overhead Door can be useful for a wide variety of business, including parking garages, loading docks, performance venues, manufacturing facilities or retail businesses -- basically anywhere that a client needs to make a location secure but also wants a grilled that's safe yet simple, and easy to minimize when it's not needed.

advanced performance grille 676

RapidGrille Model 676

Some of the state-of-the-art features of the new product include:

  • A spring-less design which can minimize the need for routine maintenance. Wear and tear from regular openings and closings can be commonly seen with spring-loaded grilles.
  • Exceptional safety features that include a built-in stop brake that prevents uncontrolled travel plus several sets of sensors plus a reverse motor, which can all prevent damage and entrapment.
  • A 2-year limited warranty on door components and a 5-year limited warranty on the motor.
  • High-quality construction which includes high-strength links, galvanized solid-steel rods, plus aluminum links and spacer tubes.
  • A high-cycle drive and gear system that's always smooth and doesn't jerk or jolt while the grille is in operation or when it begins or ends its cycle.

RapidGrille Model 676 customers can choose a straight lattice pattern or optional brick pattern, and can also select a complete steel curtain; a powder-coated curtain; or a grille which contains aluminum links and spacer tubes.

Grille controls and operation details can be found right at your fingertips, in the form of an interactive panel that displays info about the opening and closing cycle, a closing timer, plus any helpful system diagnostics.

Foeng Tjong, Overhead Door's commercial product manager for rolling products, said the Model 676 has been engineered to perform at high levels over long periods of time.

For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at: 

You can read more about our security grilles here. 

For 24 hour emergency service, please contact us at 800-362-6367.

We service Northern New Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Essex, Morris, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset county/counties), Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland.


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