Dock Seals Product List:

- McGuire TS101: Fixed Head Seal
The TS101 foam dock seal with fixed head pad over side pads provides the tightest possible seal between interior & exterior environments for high-volume traffic with consistent trailer widths & heights. This three-sided seal is still the leading cost-effective means to seal a dock door opening. 

Dock Seal McGuire TS101

McGuire TS101: Fixed Head Seal Installation

- McGuire TS103: Curtain Head
The TS103 dock seal with foam side pads and a curtain head is the most effective means to accommodate high-volume traffic with differing trailer heights. Two high-quality side pads combine with a full-width curtain to seal a variety of trailers. 

Dock Seal McGuire TS103

McGuire TS103: Curtain Head Installation in NJ

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Loading Dock Seals Installation in NJ

- McGuire TS500: Adjustable Head Pad
The TS500 series dock seal with foam side pads and a counterweighted adjustable curtain head provides excellent sealing characteristics to accommodate high-volume traffic with differing trailer heights.

Dock Seal McGuire TS500

- McGuire TC1000: Weather Sentry
It is the ultimate answer to water infiltration at the dock.  The TC1000 series is perfect for usage when driving approach slopes into the building allowing rainwater to funnel into the dock area. The simple design for easy installation equals an affordable way to protect goods and employees.  

Dock Seal McGuire Series TC1000

- Perma Tech Seals
Perma Tech Dock Seals provide the most effective seal possible at the loading dock door to ensure reduced heating and cooling costs, loading safety, security, and product protection against the elements. 

Dock Seal Perma Tech Seal

Dock Seal Installation in NYC 

Dock Seal Installation in NYC

- Perma Tech P90 Seal
Perma Tech's P90 pads save you money by allowing one unit to do the job of two, by servicing both 8' and 8'6" wide trucks. They accomplish this with a unique design allowing the truck to pass through the side pads, giving full unobstructed access to the truck interior, exerting less pressure on your building wall, an important feature for metal-skinned buildings. 

Dock Seal Perma Tech P90

 ** A wide selection of highly durable fabrics and additional wear surfaces are available to maximize durability. A variety of pad widths, projections, tapers and bevel shapes assure customer satisfaction.


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