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Rolling Door for Slanted Floors

Posted by Jai Patel on Dec 7, 2015 8:04:32 PM

In the Metro NYC NJ area, slanted or sloped sidewalks & driveways is common.  We have a way to accommodate the slope and still make a tight seal on the floor.  Our pitch plate bottom bars can accomodate sloping or irregular sills like odd shaped floor conditions (rails, tracks, curbs, slopes).

Crooked sidewalk and floor problems can be resolved with sloping bottom bars of our rolling doors.  We can help reduce water leakage into the building with larger bottom weather seals.

It is important to do a quality site measurement to be sure you have enough headroom for a sloped roll up gate.   You need to consider that the excess steel in the slope needs to hide behind the header as it cannot roll up into the coil of the coiling door.  Therefore additional headroom is required for the coiling slats to clear the opening height.

Sloping rolling gates can be powdercoated in many colors.  The roll down doors can have security slide bolts with interlock motor integration. You have the ability to integrate safety features like photo eyes and light curtains.

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