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What is an Edge of Dock Leveler?

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Aug 18, 2016 9:02:03 AM

If the use of loading dock levelers is essential to your business, you understand the importance of keeping it functional and productive at all times. An edge-of-dock leveler is often an economical and effective solution. Depending on your specific needs, the right edge-of-dock leveler will service trucks with a range of height differences and where space is an issue.

HED Hydraulic Edge of Dock LevelerEdge-of-Dock Leveler

We work with only leading industry providers of loading dock equipment at Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC. When it comes to selecting the ideal edge of dock leveler for your specific application, there are two basic options, hydraulic or manual edge-of-docks.

McGuire offers two effective units to meet either need:

- Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler:

McGuire provides a series of hydraulically operated units that affordably allows you to service trucks with a recommended working range of +/-3” and a maximum operating range of +/-5” above and below dock level.

Some of the features that you can find in McGuire's Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler are:

- Automatic return to stored position after use. 
- Superior construction with high-strength materials such as the 55,000 psi min. yield steel safety tread plate.
- Easily accessible and reliable two-cylinder hydraulics. 

HED Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Edge of Dock EOD - Loading Dock Equipment

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- Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler (EOD)

These low-cost units are ideal for operations working with captive fleets and similar truck bed heights. An effective alternative to the pit-style mechanical dock levelers, these units mount on the face of the loading dock. The efficient design also allows this unit to be used where a pit is not available and as a retrofit to an existing facility. These edge-of-dock levelers utilize easy-to-operate "Lift Free" EOD and are constructed with the same high-quality materials

Edge Dock Leveler in NYC

Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler EOD - Loading Dock Equipment

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