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A bifold garage door is a type of door which opens by folding. In this case, the canopy-type folding garage doors, offered by us, simply fold up. Folding garage doors are also known as ‘bi-fold doors'.

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Canopy Type Bifold Garage Doors


These are some of the advantages that canopy-type bifold garage doors offer:

- Bifold doors are excellent for compact/small places as they are real space savers. When opened, as they start by raising upward, the bifold doors fold into a “V”. 

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- They are esthetically pleasing. You can create a modern, stylish look. 

Canopy Type Bifold Doors  at a Restaurant

- The glass bifold doors will allow you to incorporate natural light into your business.

Canopy Type Bifold Garage Doors in a Shop

- Bifold doors are very secure.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors at NASA
- Bifold doors are the only doors on the market that allows any moisture, water or snow to flow off the door section in the open position.

Canopy Type Bifold Garage Doors

- The larger the wedge of the bifold door, the less stress it exerts onto the building structure.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors
- They can be tightly insulated to save energy.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors
- They are easy to operate.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors  at ticket station
- They are opened electrically.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors at a car dealership
- They are smooth running doors.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors installed in warehouses
- You can forget about the cables, which eliminates all the cable problems such as cables wrapping, loose cables, cables wear out faster.

Canopy Type Bifold Garage Doors by Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic One Piece Door Installed in a Thai Restaurant in Austin, Texas
- Less maintenance needed.

Canopy Type Bifold Doors in a Market

Because we care about our customers, we use the best manufacturer, Schweiss Doors, who's well-recognized in different industries worldwide, to make sure your needs are met and exceeded. 

If you're hesitant about installing a bifold door, you could also consider installing a hydraulic garage door in your facility. Click here to read more or contact a member of our team who can help you make the best decision based on your needs.

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