Below you will find our commercial doors and loading dock equipment photo gallery.  If you're looking for a specific product, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 973-471-4060. One of our experts will be happy to assist you.


Rolling Steel Doors
Rolling Steel Doors 
Roll-Up Doors
Sectional Doors1
Insulated & Non Insulated
Sectional Steel Doors
Bifold Doors
Canopy Type
Bifold Doors
Fire Rated Doors
Fire Rated Doors & Curtains
Parking Garage DoorsParking Garage Doors &
High-Speed Parking Garage Doors
High-Speed DoorsHigh-Speed Doors
Counter DoorsCounter Doors Sectional Door With PassThrough DoorSectional Doors & Rolling Steel Doors with a PassThrough Door
Security GrillesSecurity Grilles &
Security Shutters
Alumnum Glass Doors
Aluminum Glass Doors
High-Speed Fabric and Rubber Rolling DoorsFabric & Rubber 
High-Speed Doors

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Loading Dock Levelers in NYC and NJ area

Loading Dock Levelers

Dock Seals and Dock Shelters in NYC and NJ area
Dock Seals & Dock Shelters
Edge of Dock Levelers in NYC and NJ area
Edge of Dock Leveler
Ramps and Rails in NYC and NJ area
Ramps & Rails

Dock Bumpers in NYC and NJ area
Dock Bumpers
Lifts and Docks in NYC and NJ area
Dock Lifts, Scissor Lifts and
Mobile Lifts

Canopies in NYC and NJ area


Large Scale Projects in NYC and NJ areaLarge Scale Projects


For 40+ years, the Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands & NYC has been selling, installing, repairing, and maintaining overhead doors and loading dock equipment for commercial and industrial applications. 

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Every product that we install is top quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards. You can be sure that every one of our products come with a comprehensive warranty and the kind of service, experience and dedication to quality that will keep your loading dock safe and efficient for years to come.


Industries Served for Service, Design & Installation:


Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Grocery Stores, Dairy, Bakery, Seafood, Vegetables, Food Processing, Food & Beverage Manufacturing

 Overhead Doors for Grocery Stores

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Warehouse Facilities

 Overhead Doors for Warehouses

Commercial Doors & Docks for Multi-Family Residential Buildings

 Overhead Doors for Multi-Family Residential Buildings

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Airports & Seaports, Municipal, Courthouses, Border Patrol, Police & Corrections, Government Facilities 

Overhead Door for Airports

Commercial Doors & Docks for Colleges and Universities


 Overhead Doors for Universities and Colleges in NYC and NJ

Commercial Doors 
for TV Studios


 Overhead Doors for Fashion Studios or TV Studios NJ and NYC

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Freight Depots, Shipping Facilities, E-Commerce Distribution Sites


 Commercial Doors for Freight Depots & Distribution Sites

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Hospital & Medical Facilities


 Overhead Doors for Hospitals in NJ and NYC

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Class A Office Buildings


Parking Garage Doors in NYC and NJ

Commercial Doors & Docks
 for Manufacturing Facilities


 Overhead Doors for Manufacturing Facilities NJ

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech Companies, Nutraceutical, Compounding Pharmacies, Life Sciences R&D Laboratories, Medical Device Labs, etc

 Overhead Doors for Phramaceutical Companies

Commercial Doors
 for Restaurants


 Overhead Doors for Restaurants

Commercial Doors
 & Docks 
for Stadiums


 Overhead Doors for Stadiums

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Cold Storage Facilities

 Overhead Doors for Cold Storage Facilities in NJ and NYC

Commercial Doors & Docks 
for Hotels


 Overhead Doors for Hotels NJ and NYC

Commercial Doors
 for Auto Dealerships 

 Overhead Doors for Auto Dealerships


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