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Powder Coating Rolling Doors (Add Colors to Your Commercial Door)

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Nov 18, 2018 4:32:00 PM

A high-quality, durable overhead door can look good too. The Overhead Door Company offers a number of options that can improve your commercial overhead door's looks while adding strength too.

There’s no reason to sacrifice style for the sake of durability! You may think that a door that looks good would be less durable or not as strong as one that is a boring grey, white or beige. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You can add colors to your door while adding strength too.

The Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands & NYC offers Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings which not only offers you dozens of different color choices while at the same time providing added strength to your commercial overhead door. These coatings can protect your door from the sun, rain, and other hazards that over time cause a door to fade or lose strength. There is no better solution for you—and with a quick turnaround time too.

Different Colors for Commercial Overhead Doors

Rolling Steel Door Fully Perforated and Powder Coated Blue


Teal Colored Steel Doors installation photo by Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey13


You don’t have to stick with that same old boring door color that everyone uses. If you would like to learn more about how we can add color to your doors, contact us at The Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC. We can help you choose the right color to enhance the exterior of your building while retaining all the benefits of a well-made, high-quality Overhead Door Company door.

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Cornell Iron Works Rolling Door Repairs

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Jan 8, 2016 9:20:20 AM



Cornell Iron Works based in Mountain Top, PA is the inventor of the rolling door system.   They started in Long Island City, Queens many decades ago but today operate westward in PA. Their rolling & coiling overhead doors and side folding grille gates can be found global.  Steel components of the Brooklyn Bridge were manufactured by them during original construction.They have a factory on the west coast that serves international and western markets.  They continue to be operated by the Cornell familiy making a truly enduring family business.  

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JBandWWCornellbuilding.jpg  cornell_book.jpg


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Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands/NYC is proud to be a dealer.  You can count on us to repair Cornell metal slats, perform a fire shutter drop test, or replace an aluminum grille curtain part.  We have the service crews available for regular interval planned maintenance and emergency service.

Metal roll up gates and rolling steel doors manufactured by Cornell Iron Works are made of all kinds of materials like stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.  Cornell offers excellent color options for your metal slat sections.  We can match and replace those slat sections with parts that are OEM (original equipment manufacturer).  Perhaps your Cornell roll down door has a spring tension issue therefore making manual hand operation very difficult.  You can call us to perform a routine service to bring the roller door shutter system back to optimal function.

We can repair and replace your Cornell Door operators and motors too.  Cornell has specific UL rated operator systems designed to work with their fire door systems.   We can diagnose photo eye and sensing edge problems that happen often with high traffic door openings.

cornell_metal_slat_repair_nj_nyc.jpg  cornell_fusible_link_fire_door_repair_nyc_nj.jpg


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To learn more about other options, check out our product catalog and choose the right commercial door and dock for your facility. Spend some time looking at the sectional doors, rolling steel doors, other industrial doors and the accessories like commercial operators that you can find at the Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC. You will appreciate not only our amazing selection but also the level of customer service and care you receive from our team of overhead door experts. You can also read other entries in our blog.

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For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at

For 24 hour emergency service, please contact us at 973-471-4060.

We service Northern New Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Union, Essex, Morris, Hudson, Somerset county/counties), Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland.

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Preventative Maintenance Plans For Overhead-Doors

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Sep 5, 2013 8:05:00 PM


Sectional Steel Doors


The Overhead Door Company strongly recommends a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance plan for commercial overhead doors.  Our preventative maintenance plans improves operational efficiency, safety, and reliability.  Overhead Door preventative maintenance not only decreases costly downtime by preventing some types of industrial door malfunctions, it can also decrease repair expenses over the long term.  Scheduling commercial doors maintenance regularly reduces the need for emergency repairs to overhead doors.  


Preventative maintenance is focused on keeping your overhead doors in peak condition at all times, instead of only performing maintenance in response to a needed repair.  Among other things, preventative maintenance includes keeping the track surfaces of the overhead door clean and free of obstructions, grease, and oil, making certain bolts and fasteners are correctly tightened, and addressing any damage or wear and tear which has occurred over time. The door surface and hardware should also be checked on a regular basis, to maintain the functionality of the roller assembly, bottom seal, hinge points, and other elements.  The counterbalance should also be examined periodically to ensure that the drum, cable, torsion spring, shaft bearings, set screws, and collars are working as intended.  Some elements may need periodic lubrication, while others may need tightness adjustments or replacement due to corrosion. 


Overhead doors include a number of elements which can be under high spring tension, including bottom fixtures, cables, drums, pulleys, shafts, and brackets and only a trained service person should attempt repairs to these items.  Winding, repairs, and spring adjustments must also be completed by trained service professionals. In addition to these repairs and adjustments which can only be completed by trained professionals, it’s also wise to have a professional technician perform regular preventative maintenance because professional technicians have extensive experience in identifying the potential for problems before they have a chance to occur. 


The frequency with which a customer schedules service technicians to perform preventative maintenance on their industrial doors or other equipment will vary according to the climate and other conditions under which the door regularly operates.  Some preventative maintenance may be required monthly, while other types of maintenance should be undertaken every three to six months. To determine the best preventative maintenance schedule for your overhead doors or loading dock equipment contact The Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC for a consultation.  

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We service Northern New Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Essex, Morris, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset county/counties), Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland.

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