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Rapidslat® Advanced Service Doors (High-Performance Rolling Doors)

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Jun 14, 2021 12:24:00 PM

It is always great to find high-performance commercial doors that meet your requirements for security, durability, and high performance. It is a special pleasure to add speed and high cycle rates to those performance criteria. 

High Performance Rolling Door-RapidSlat RapidSlat® Advanced Service Door | High-Performance Rolling Door

Overhead Door takes pleasure in introducing RapidSlat® Advanced Service Doors as a door solution that is safe, rugged, and easy to operate. Its enhanced functionality provides both the security you need and the convenience you appreciate. By eliminating the need for a second door, RapidSlat allows you to enjoy both advantages in one high-quality door.

Three series, the 611, 621, and 626, give you width and height options of up to 20 feet and come with a 5-year limited warranty. The 2-year or 300,000 cycle limited warranty coverage on components adds to your protection. And where needed, the 626 Series offers an insulation option of up to 7.71 R-value.

High Performance Rolling Door-RapidSlat-611-621-626

The creative combination of a high-performance door with the rolling steel door provides a solution that many will appreciate for multiple applications. The faster opening speed allows for increased productivity while saving on energy costs.

The many advantages of the RapidSlat® High-Performance Doors come from an innovative combination of several unique features. These include:

  • Direct Drive Motor. With a standard gearbox design, specially designed gear teeth serve to spread drive and shock loads over a greater tooth contact area. This provides greater durability and lowers your commercial door maintenance needs.
  • Interior Hood Assembly. Carefully designed to protect all components from dirt and debris. Also, it adds to the door’s overall appearance.
  • Safety Features. Both a built-in variable frequency drive and a self-monitoring sensing edge add safety and reduce wear on the door and components. Additionally, with the elite C-channel photocells and a unique brake system, you have full functionality with maximum security.

When it comes to eliminating that extra door without compromising security or convenience, RapidSlat® Advanced Service Doors are your only effective option.

You can read more about our high-performance overhead doors here. 

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High-Performance Doors | Serving NJ & NYC Metro Area Since 1981

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Apr 6, 2013 1:52:00 AM

Rapidslat High Performance Doors

At Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands & NYC, one of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients regards the security of commercial and industrial doors. They worry that traditional style doors do not offer the best protection possible, nor do they meet their business location needs. In this case, we often recommend RapidSlat Advanced Service Doors.

The RapidSlat system was also created to handle a wide variety of commercial situations. These high-performance doors open up to three times faster than traditional rolling steel doors. In addition, they also provide higher durability and security than fabric doors. They are also easier to install and easier to troubleshoot due to the variety of insulation, weather seal, and wind load options available when selecting the perfect door for your business location.

The Overhead Door Power Guard Finish also provides enduring performance to help maximize the life cycle of your door system. A reliable spring less operation design also eliminates the need for counterbalance, making your rolling door system safer and less bulky than other model types.

For areas with high traffic (such as employees and equipment) the RapidSlat Advanced Rolling Door also includes a variety of safety features, including a built-in variable frequency drive that allows the door to close much more slowly than it opens. A safety sensing edge also opens the door the moment it senses contact with an item or person while in the process of closing.

In essence, RapidSlat Advanced Rolling Service Doors are like having two doors in one! Their safety, security, and range of use is unparalleled.

advanced service commercial doors

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