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Repairs for Clopay Commercial Overhead Doors

Posted by Maria Lacanlale on Sat, Jul 16, 2016 @ 09:25 AM

Clopay Commercial Overhead Doors Logo

Commercial Overhead Doors play an important role in your business operation. Doors that won't completely close or reverses right away after reaching the floor are the usual manifestations that you would observe if there's a problem with your commercial overhead doors. If your overhead doors start to misbehave even with a minor glitch, make sure to contact the best repairmen to have them checked. You can choose to buy a new commercial overhead door, or take the better suggestion of having them maintained or repaired so that they can perform just when you first have them. 

Our competent experts at  Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC has extensive experience and expertise in providing  service and upgrade for Commercial Overhead Doors including repairs for Clopay Commercial Overhead Doors. We are dedicated to offering quality and smart solutions for your commercial overhead doors.

Read more below to check Clopay Overhead Commercial doors that we service.

Clopay has been in the Commercial Overhead Door Business for 50 years. They offer different types of commercial sectional doors and product accessories for any specific door application.

  • Clopay Sectional Doors/ Architectural Series/ Aluminum Full View Doors 900 Series

Clopay Sectional Overhead Doors, Architectural Series, Aluminum Full View Doors

The Architectural Series is ideal for auto dealerships, fancy retail shops and office areas with unique design. These sectional doors come in Model 902 and Model 903.

Clopay Architectural Series Model 902 and Model 903 door applications in retail shop and dealership.

  • Clopay Sectional Doors/ Energy Series with Intellicore

Clopay Sectional Doors, Energy Series with Intellicore

Energy Series with Intellicore suit door application for municipal buildings, distribution centers and firehouses. These sectional overhead doors are insulated with Poly-Urethane. These sectional doors are available in these models; 3708, 3709, 3715, 3718, 3717,3720, 3721, 3722, 3723, 3724,3728,3729 and 3730.

Clopay Sectional Overhead Doors, Energy Series door application in distribution center, firehouse and service center.

  • Clopay Sectional Doors/ Energy Series Polystyrene Insulated Doors

Clopay Overhead Sectional Doors, Energy Series Polystyrene Insulated Doors

 Energy Series steel doors are insulated with Polystyrene that makes energy saving possible. This type of overhead door matches door application for distribution centers, municipal buildings and shipping dock installment. These sectional doors are available in models; 3150,3154,3155,3158,3159, 3200,3208, 3209,3211, 3213 and Model 3220.

Clopay Sectional Overhead Door, Energy Series Polysterene insulated doors application in distribution center and shipping dock.

Part of the owner's responsibilities to their business establishment also include ensuring that their overhead doors are well maintained and are performing well.  Get the best maintenance service for your Clopay Overhead Sectional Doors from the most qualified team at Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC  Schedule Service with us today!

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  • Clopay Sectional Doors/ Industrial Series Ribbed Steel Doors

Clopay Sectional Overhead Doors, Industrial Series Ribbed Steel Doors

Industrial Series Ribbed Steel Doors are ideal option for high-traffic door installment. These matches door application for loading docks and storehouses. Industrial Series are available in models; 664V, 664, 525S, 525V, 524S, 524V, 524, 522S, 522, 520S and 520 model.

Clopay Sectional Doors, Industrial Series door application for loading dock application and storehouses.

  • Clopay Overhead Sectional Doors Special Products and Accessories

They also offer Special Products and Accessories for your Overhead Commercial Doors like pass doors, security chain link, dock seals, screen doors and breakaway bottom doors.

Clopay Overhead Doors, Sectional Doors, Special Products and Accessories, pass doors, security chain link, dock seals, screen doors and breakaway bottom doors
Clopay Pass Doors are available in 3720, 3722, 3724, 3200 and 3220 insulated models as well as 520 and 524 series non-insulated models. Their security link comes in Model 811 and Model 812. Clopay Dock Seals and Shelter are available in Models DS100, Models DS140 and Models DS200

 Get fast and sustainable solutions for your Clopay Commercial  Overhead doors. Call our team of highly trained team at  Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC. We guarantee customer satisfaction and peace of mind for every repair, service and upgrade that our team provides. Request an Estimate

For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at: We service Northern New Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Essex, Morris, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset county/counties), Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland.

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Loading Dock Seal Repairs in NYC & NJ Area | In Business Since 1981

Posted by Loading Dock Expert on Mon, Nov 23, 2015 @ 06:49 AM

Loading docks act as a bridge between a truck and a dock platform.   When it gets really cold, it's important to repair your seals and brushes to prevent the cold drafts that come into your workspace.  Cold drafts can slow down productivity of your material handlers and increase your heating bills.

To stop the cold air from coming around your loading dock, we recommend any dock sealing solution below.  We have brushes to seal and close the gap between a loading dock and the concrete pit.  We have wedge seals to keep out the daylight between the rolling dock door and the pit leveler.

We stock all different types of brushes to help you eliminate the cold.  We even have brushes that act as a rodent deterrent.  

Perhaps you were really interested in dock door seals that hang on the exterior of a building?  To learn more about those seals, go to  


You can also check out these blog posts:



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Dock Door Seals at Your Loading Bay in New Jersey & New York

Posted by Jai Patel on Fri, Nov 06, 2015 @ 07:59 AM

Door seals, also known as dock seals, are an important part of your total overhead door & loading dock system.   Winter season is upon us and it is important to plan proactively.  Dock foam bumper pads reduce the air infiltration into your building.  The door pads also provide a compression point for a tight seal of the building to the truck.   There are over 100,000 options and configurations of dock bay weather seals.   You can get them in different fabrics and colors.  You can even get dock bumper shelters

Call us today to get an estimate.  Note that loading dock foam bumpers can have a considerable lead time.  Hopefully you have a standard configuration. 

To learn more about other options, check out our product catalog and choose the right commercial door and dock for your facility. Spend some time looking at the sectional doors, rolling steel doors, other industrial doors and the accessories like commercial operators that you can find at the Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC. You will appreciate not only our amazing selection but also the level of customer service and care you receive from our team of overhead door experts. You can also read other entries in our blog.

For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at: We service Northern New Jersey, Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn , Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland.

For 24 hour emergency service, please contact us at 800-362-6367


Door Dock Pad Seal Foam Slanted

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How a Loading Dock Leveler Should Work

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Tue, Mar 17, 2015 @ 08:34 AM

Loading dock levelers must perform to specific standards to maintain the high levels of safety and reliability you expect from your day-to-day operations. When yours doesn’t, the important function it fulfills is lost, causing you to lose time and money to a tweaked or malfunctioning leveler.

loading dock leveler

Loading Dock Leveler

In order to operate to theory and work effectively, your loading dock leveler’s individual components must all be functioning correctly. Any parts that aren’t doing their job will affect the operation of the entire machine, potentially compromising the safety of your operations or just making your job more difficult. Even a small problem can eventually become a big one if you ignore it, so note any deficiencies in operation right away.

Theory resized 600


If your leveler is not performing to its theory, you should consider getting in serviced. We will ensure that it is performing at peak efficiency, so that the leveler platform operates smoothly, rests where it is supposed to, supports the weight of goods and workers during the unloading process, and retracts when you are finished.

If your loading dock leveler isn’t doing its job correctly, it is probably time to get it serviced. The Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC will ensure that your leveler is repaired quickly, so that you don’t further impact your operational efficiency or increase the eventual costs of repair by letting a small malfunction turn into a serious problem.

We service New Jersey, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Westchester and Rockland. Call 973-471-4060 for more information or to make a same-day service appointment to repair your loading dock today. You can also email to inquire about services or make an appointment.

For our 24-hour emergency service, please contact us at 800-362-6367.

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A Quick Guide to Loading Dock Seals

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Thu, Nov 07, 2013 @ 01:22 AM

A Quick Guide to Loading Dock Seals

Your loading dock is a bustling place--orders coming in, shipments going out--there is always something happening. No matter how well-built your loading dock is, there is likely some issue you face that could go a little bit smoother. That’s when accessories like dock seals come into play.

What are Loading Dock Seals?

Loading dock seals are an important way to protect your structure, trucks and shipments. A seal provides a tight closure between the truck and your loading dock. This keeps temperatures consistent and keeps insects, dampness and other things out of your building. If you have a particularly delicate load, this can be vital.

Dock Seal


What’s the Difference Between Dock Seals and Dock Shelters?

Dock Seals can provide an airtight seal--where as a dock shelter is not quite as tight. However, since the seal is airtight, it does require a bit more attention to the size of the truck and the dock--there is less flexibility. Using a loading dock leveler may make it easier, depending on the situation at hand. When everthing comes together and fits, a dock seal provides the best possible protection to your most important loads.

Dock Shelter VS Dock Seal

Are There Other Accessories?

Here at The Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands and NYC, we carry a huge selection of the loading dock accessories you need. From these seals and shelters that protect loads from changing temperatures and moistures to dock bumpers that prevent damage to your trucks and structure, we have exactly the loading dock equipment you need to keep your loading dock operating at its best.

Whether you decide that a dock seal is an important addition to your structure or not, what is important is maintenance and servicing loading docks regularly. We can help you with your maintenance needs--keeping your docks operating at their prime now and for years to come.

For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at:

For 24 hour emergency service, please contact us at 800-362-6367.

We service Northern New Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Essex, Morris, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset county/counties), Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester and Rockland.


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