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Side-Folding Open Air Security Grilles 683 Series | NYC & NJ Area

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Feb 12, 2016 9:32:19 AM

If you have an application that provides public access, but your location or office must be restricted at times, an overhead security grille is often the perfect solution. Overhead Door Corporation provides a superior series of security grilles that provide attractive and reliable options for your customized needs.

Side Folding Open Air, Side-Folding Security Grilles - Model 683 NYC NJ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Side-Folding Security Grille

Side-Folding Security Grilles Designed for Style, Security, and Performance

Our side-folding, open-air security grilles allow for continuous air circulation and maximum visibility of interior spaces, even when fully secured. This makes the grill an excellent choice for schools, entertainment venues, malls, offices, and airport concourses. The 683 security grille is designed to provide a maximum height of 12 feet and can address as wide a space as possible.

Side-Folding Security Grille NYC NJ

This model boasts a wide range of options and features that allows the unit to meet your needs for multiple applications. These include different curtain colors, patterns, and finishes. The eco-sensitive PowderGuard™ Finish Options provide more than 215 standard colors in the PowderGuard™ Premium Color Chart, and you can also select the color-matching option to choose a color for your security grille.

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Other Side-Folding Security Grille Models

Click on any of the images below to learn more about other side-folding security grilles that are available at Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands & NYC.

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Multiple Options and Alternatives for Your Security Grilles

The model 683 security grille comes with a clear anodized finish and truss-like aluminum top and bottom plates of 1/8”. The post types include:

   - Lead post of hook lock and wall channel, bi-part, top and bottom shoot bolts
   - Intermediate post with a bottom-shoot bolt
   - Trailing-end post with traveling, fixed, hook lock and wall jamb, top and bottom shoot bolts, and carrier

Each of the post types has different locking mechanisms, ranging from concealed cylinder-operated to plate self-locking into a steel V-Stop.

Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC, a division of Loading Dock, Inc., will ensure your grille is installed to exacting standards, and our precision maintenance will support the OEM limited 24-month warranty to ensure the long, durable and reliable performance of this security grille.

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