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Roll-Up Doors’ Preventive Maintenance Plans to Maximize Their Lifespan

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Jul 27, 2023 10:38:02 PM

Have you ever considered the immense weight that commercial and industrial garage doors, which often exceed half a ton? As coiling doors operate smoothly and quietly under normal circumstances, workers may not fully grasp the potential danger that a failed door can represent. The potential risks associated with unexpected roll-up door failures cannot be underestimated, particularly when it comes to the safety of your workers. Just imagine the impact such an event could have. It becomes crucial then to raise awareness of this potential hazard and ensure appropriate measures are in place to mitigate risks, such as implementing an effective preventive maintenance plan to maximize the rolling doors' lifespan and ensure its well functioning. In other words, regular inspections and service are crucial to prevent malfunctions and, ultimately, to ensure the safety of both you and your staff members.

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Studies conducted by the Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security (E.H.S.S.) have uncovered that the majority of problems with roll-up garage doors stem from a lack of scheduled maintenance, often due to insufficient funding or simply neglecting to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations, which can easily result in roll-up doors experiencing avoidable problems. While accidents can occur due to continuous usage and the natural aging process, the majority of such incidents can be avoided by providing adequate preventive maintenance to your commercial or industrial rolling doors.


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Consequences of Neglecting Preventive Maintenance to Roll-Up Doors

Neglecting preventive maintenance to your roll-up doors can result in several potential consequences, such as:

- The drive chain may dislodge from the sprocket, causing the door to unexpectedly free-fall shut while ascending.
- The drive sprocket could detach from the shaft, resulting in the door rapidly closing without control.
Without regular maintenance, the motor of your commercial door could continue operating even after the door has fully opened or closed, potentially leading to operational issues.
- As the door ascends from the top of the frame, there is a potential hazard of the drive chain dislodging from the sprocket, which could cause the door to abruptly descend and close.

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In conclusion, regular inspections and maintenance plans are essential for maintaining the optimal performance and safety of your commercial overhead doors. It is crucial to allocate sufficient funding to support these maintenance efforts and ensure that workers maintain a continual awareness of their surroundings.

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Ensuring the Secure Operation of Rolling Doors

Here are a few fundamental guidelines outlined by the Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security (E.H.S.S.), to ensure the secure operation of rolling doors:

Regular Inspections: Conduct routine inspections of roll-up doors to identify any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction that may compromise their safe operation.

Adequate Maintenance: Implement a preventive maintenance plan to address any issues identified during inspections promptly. This includes lubricating moving parts, adjusting tension, and replacing worn-out components.

Proper Training: Ensure that employees who operate roll-up doors receive proper training on their safe operation, including emergency procedures and potential hazards associated with the doors, such as: 
- Utilize a personnel door whenever possible instead of walking beneath a raised door.
- Ensure that the door remains unobstructed and visible during operation.
- Exercise caution and wait until the door has come to a complete stop before standing or walking beneath it.
- Be vigilant when walking or using equipment near or underneath a roll-up door that is stopped in the open position.
- Raise roll-up doors to their fully open position to allow the door to reach its upper limits and enable the spring to counterbalance and secure the door in place.

Awareness of Clearances: Maintain clearances around the door's path to prevent obstructions that could impede its movement or pose a safety risk.

Emergency Stop Controls: Familiarize your staff with the location and operation of emergency stop controls, allowing for immediate halting of door movement in case of an emergency.

Warning Signs and Labels: Clearly display warning signs and labels near roll-up doors to alert personnel of potential hazards and safety precautions.

Documented Procedures: Develop and communicate documented procedures for the safe operation, maintenance, and repair of roll-up doors, ensuring that they are readily accessible to all relevant personnel.

It is also crucial to delegate the installation, adjustment, and maintenance of your roll-up doors exclusively to trained overhead door technicians.

These recommendations serve as examples to promote the safe operation of service roll-up doors, and it is important to customize them according to your specific workplace requirements and guidelines.

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How Frequently Should Preventative Maintenance be Scheduled for Optimal Results?

The recommended frequency of preventive maintenance for roll-up doors can vary depending on factors such as the specific door model, operating conditions, and climate. While some commercial garage doors may require monthly maintenance, others can be serviced every three to six months. It is important to consider the unique circumstances in which the door operates to determine the most suitable maintenance schedule.

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