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What is an Edge of Dock Leveler?

Posted by Wilford Ordoñez on Thu, Aug 18, 2016 @ 09:02 AM

If the use of loading docks is essential to your business, you understand the importance of keeping it functional and productive at all times. To ensure the ability to handle minimal differences in the height of trucks, an edge of dock leveler is often an economical andeffective solution. Depending on your specific needs, the right edge of dock leveler will service trucks with a range of height differencesand where space is an issue.

We work with only leading industry providers of loading dock equipment at Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC, and we rely on McGuire for many of their popular and reliable products. When it comes to selecting the ideal edge of dock leveler for your specific application, there are two basic options, hydraulic or manual. McGuire offers two effective units to meet either need:

  • HED Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler. McGuire provides a series of hydraulically operated units that affordably allows you to service trucks with a recommended working range of +/-3” and a maximum operating range of +/-5” above and below dock level. With a variety of sizes and capabilities, the HED series is operated with a standard NEMA 4 pushbutton control of the deck and lip. Other standard features include:
    • Automatic return to stored position after use
    • Superior construction with high-strength materials such as the 55,000 psi min. yield steel safety tread plate.
    • Easily accessible and reliable two-cylinder hydraulics

HED Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler

HED Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler

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Edge Dock Leveler in NYC

Edge Dock Leveler in NJ

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New Jersey Doors with Loading Dock Scissor Lift

Posted by Jai Patel on Sat, Nov 21, 2015 @ 02:02 PM

There are many times your truck bed heights do not equal your dock heights.  To ease the transition of the height differential, we design, supply and install loading dock lifts.  Loading dock bay scissor lifts are hydraulic systems and they can work in conjunction with your roll up door or garage door motors.  You can even get a skirt around the scissor legs to protect the equipment from debris, rodents and weather elements.  You can see this dock door application in grocery retail locations. 

Here are photos of recent jobs.  

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