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High-Speed Door Safety Systems for Auto Dealerships

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Dec 1, 2020 8:30:00 AM

High-Speed Doors in an Auto Dealership in NYC

Installing a high-speed/high-performance door in an auto dealership will allow them to perform efficiently as the service door may have to be opened and closed hundreds of times per day. Additional safety systems can be installed to ensure that the people and vehicles are protected as they enter and leave the auto dealership's service department.

Safety Systems for High-Speed Doors:

1. Activation Sensors
Depending upon the application and the number of vehicular traffic, door manufacturers offer several door activation options, such as:

- Automatic activation devices: these offer a hands-free method of opening and closing high-speed doors. Some of the devices available are floor loop sensors, motion detectors, and presence detectors.

- Enhanced activation devices: these devices monitor the areas immediately in front of the door as well as enable programmable operation based on activity in areas adjacent to it.

- Manual activation options: these options are best suited for areas with low traffic or predictable traffic levels. Some of the manual devices that you can find for high-performance doors are pushbuttons, remote controls, and pull cords.

Benefits of Using Activation Sensors:
✓ These provide easy movement through the door threshold
✓ Reduce the chance of accidents by avoiding contact with the rollup door
✓ It helps control the environment differentials with minimal open time
✓ Maintain traffic patterns

2. Enhanced Safety/Signaling Devices - Safety Light Systems
There are different safety light systems available. Some of them flash amber lights help warn nearby workers that the door panel is about to move. Other systems detect if a person or another obstruction is blocking the door’s path and avoid it from closing. There are other safety light systems that provide visual indicators near the door and ensure that they will be seen in the most critical time. 

Rytech’s Pathwatch & The New Pathwatch IIPathwatch® Safety Light Systems

3. Reversing Bottom Sensing Edge

When the responsive sensors located in the bottom edge of the door senses an obstruction, it will immediately instruct the high-performance door to immediately auto-reverse or to auto-stop. The Safe-T-Beam® is one of the safety devices that we offer at Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC that senses an obstruction and signals the operator to stop or reverse the door. 

4. Photo Eyes
The photo-eye sensor for commercial or industrial doors prevents them from closing when needed. It assesses the area around the door to verify if it is safe to close/open the door. This safety feature triggers an alert to notify building management that something is preventing the door from closing.

Reflective Photo-Eye for Commercial and Industrial Doors in NJ and NYC

5. Audible Alert Systems

It stores and plays back pre-recorded or user-created messages that can be played during various door activities.

6. Countdown Clock
The countdown clock signals traffic how much time is remaining before the door begins closing. Adjustable time is set in the System 4 controller and automatically synchronizes the clock to the set time value. Includes articulating mounting bracket.

Rytecs Countdown Clock for Commercial and Industrial Doors

7. Basic Safety/Signaling Devices
Warning lights can be used to signal to traffic the door status, movement, or issues.  Some of the basic devices that are available are:

✓ Traffic Lights and LED Traffic Lights - Red/yellow/green lights 
✓ Traffic Lights and LED Traffic Lights -
Red/Green lights only
✓ Strobe Lights
✓ Rotating Lights

Dock Lights - Traffic Lights and LED Traffic LightsTraffic Lights &
LED Traffic Lights
Rytec 360 Sounder Strobe LightsSorbe Lights
Rotating Lights
Dock Lights Communication PackagesDock Lights
Communication Packages

* If you choose one of these devices, it is important to take any other signaling devices that are nearby into account to ensure a clear distinction for all traffic.


If you need more information on choosing the best safety systems for your high-speed door, please contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

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