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How to Improve Ventilation in a Loading Dock? | Bug Screen Doors

Posted by Loading Dock Expert on Apr 27, 2021 12:34:00 PM

During summertime, when the warehouse is hot, it's important to improve the ventilation while controlling the unwelcome guests. By installing one of the following Bug Screen Doors in your loading dock, you can control pests such as birds, insects, or rodents while letting some fresh air in.

Types of Bug Screen Door for your Loading Dock

- Roll-up Bug Screen Doors
- Portable Bug Screen Doors
- Sectional Doors with Bug Screens
- Sliding Bug Screen Doors

At Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands & NYC, we work with the best manufacturers in the country to offer the best roll-up bug screen doors. 

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Types of Bug Screen Door for your Loading Dock

1. Roll-Up Bug Screen Doors

These screen doors are an ideal and economical solution for removing birds, insects, and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility. These screen doors increase energy efficiency. By allowing fresh air to enter your building, they create a more comfortable working environment. They also act as physical barriers deterring theft and unauthorized entry.

Bug Screen Door8Roll-Up Bug Screen Door

2. Portable Bug Screen Doors

These doors are designed to be easily moved in and out of the opening, creating a nicer and comfortable work environment. They act as a physical barrier deterring burglary and unauthorized entry. Also allowing fresh air into your building, help you increase energy savings. These portable bug screen doors can be used in distribution centers, loading docks, and food manufacturing facilities. 

Screen Pro Portable Frame BugsPortable Bug Screen Door

In sensitive food production and packing environments, Portable Framed Insect Displays promote a bug-free environment, helping you comply with FDA and AIB inspections and regulations.

3. Sectional Doors with Bug Screens

It is the typical sectional overhead door with screens instead of panels or windows that are appropriate in certain cases as they, in order to be installed, require special tracking conditions and clearance.

There is a product for every need. From the simple stand-in-place portable screen to automated roll-up screens, from very budget-friendly to designs with automation and efficiency in mind. As you can easily see, many possible solutions to allow ventilation at your facility are available while keeping insects, rodents, and birds out.

Sectional Door with Bug ScreensSectional Door with Bug Screens Instead of Panels

4. Sliding Bug Screen Doors

Sliding Bug screens are an economical alternative to roll-up bug screens, as they do not require the space that is required to mount roll-up screen doors. Sliding Bug Screens require little to no maintenance, and can be installed quickly and efficiently. Ideal for insect and bird control at:

- Loading docks
- Distribution centers
- Warehouse openings
- Food processing locations

Screen-Pro Sliding Bug Screen offered by Overhead Door Co. of Central JerseySliding Bug Screen Door for Loading Docks

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