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Rapidslat Advanced Service Doors Perform Double Duty

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Mar 29, 2013 11:44:00 PM

Security and Convenience in One Door

It is always great to find high-performance commercial doors that meet your requirements for security, durability and high performance. It is a special pleasure to add speed and high cycle rates to those performance criteria. 

Overhead Door takes pleasure in introducing RapidSlat Advanced Service Doors as a door solution that is safe, rugged and easy to operate. Its enhanced functionality provides both the security you need and the convenience you appreciate. By eliminating the need for a second door, RapidSlat allows you to enjoy both advantages in one high-quality door.

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Three series, the 611, 621, and 626, give you width and height options of up to 20 feet and come with a 5-year limited warranty. The 2-year or 300,000 cycle limited warranty coverage on components adds to your protection. And where needed, the 626 Series offers an insulation option of up to 7.71 R-value.

The creative combination of a high performance door with the rolling steel door provides a solution that many will appreciate for multiple applications. The faster opening speed allows for increased productivity while saving on energy costs.

The many advantages of the RapidSlat High-performance Doors come from an innovative combination of several unique features. These include:

  • Direct Drive Motor. With a standard gear box design, specially designed gear teeth serve to spread drive and shock loads over a greater tooth contact area. This provides greater durability and lowers you commercial door maintenance needs.
  • Interior Hood Assembly. Carefully designed to protect all components from dirt and debris. Also, it adds to the door’s overall appearance.
  • Safety Features. Both a built-in variable frequency drive and a self-monitoring sensing edge add safety and reduce wear on the door and components. Additionally, with the elite C-channel photo cells and a unique brake system, you have full functionality with maximum security.

When it comes to eliminating that extra door without compromising security or convenience, RapidSlat® Advanced Service Doors are your only effective option.

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