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Posted by Jai Patel on Mar 14, 2016 8:05:57 AM



 New Stapleton, Staten Island, New York


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New York City’s Graffiti Shutters & Gates:  Manhattan - Lower East Side/Chinatown

Posted by Jai Patel on Dec 17, 2015 4:27:23 PM

NYC has so much charm. Artists will use anything as their canvas, including exterior roll-down doors. In very recent years, graffiti art on exterior roll-down doors has been very popular in areas like Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Brooklyn. It’s not uncommon to see tourists snap pictures with their smartphones to capture this different type of artform.   

A few years ago, exterior rolldown gates were banned in New York City except for historic preservation projects. As time goes by, we’ll see less graffiti art on roll-down doors.  In a tribute to the history of the exterior rolldown metal gate industry, we want to share some photos showcasing metal rollup gates in the Metro NYC area.  

Manhattan:  Lower East Side/Chinatown

Photo credit:  Vijay Patel


Note that these installs are not ours but of our peers in the rolling door business.  We cannot locate who did it.  

If you would like to add to our collection, you can email us at  Please provide info for photo submissions. 

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