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Why We Are New York City & New Jersey’s Finest Doormen?

Posted by Wendell Daguno on Mar 1, 2014 2:49:00 PM

Longevity in business doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate to success.

 Yes, we have been in the door industry since 1981, but that didn’t mean we never had challenges and setbacks along the way. We’ve had mistakes, we’ve had bumps and bruises…but rather than give up, we saw these as opportunities to be better at what we do. For the past 33 years, we have guaranteed that each of our customers receive the best service in town! It doesn’t matter if they’re buying, need repairs or assistance in installation of their overhead doors and/or loading dock equipment. We treat them the same.

  Just because we’ve been a multi-awarded organization doesn’t mean we’re great! We appreciate being recognized through awards, but we are never satisfied in providing exceptional service. Every day, every month & every year, we strive to be better. A wise man once said, “Contentment is of the heart while satisfaction is of the mind”. We are contented with what we’ve achieved thus far but we’re not done. We will continue to innovate; we will relentlessly provide an awesome experience.


 Our “core values” form the foundation of our organization that perseveres through time and major changes. All of us at the Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands & NYC (A Division of Loading Dock, Inc.) live by these values.

  • Work Ethic- Setting & meeting expectations consistently, doing things right the first time and showing a willingness to pitch in over and above the defined responsibilities for our role.
  • Team player- Take the lead as well as give support to others. Be cooperative as part of the team, and be competitive on behalf of the team.
  • Promoting Growth- Challenge yourself by learning & using new skills.  Share your past successes and failures with others.  Support others in their growth & development activities.
  • Proactive- Take personal initiative. Be independent and assertive. Do what’s right and what needs to be done without having to be told. Solve problems before they escalate.

So, the next time you meet anyone working with or within Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands & NYC, you can assure yourself, you will see these traits in them. Because these are what makes us the “finest” in the industry!


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