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Rodent Blocker Bottom Seal

OPTION 1: Designer Series Armored/Chew-Proof Edge & Sensor Reversing Edge


Rodent Blocker Bottom Seal


These highly flexible covers provide enhanced abrasion, cut and tear resistance in demanding service applications.  The cover material contains thousands of small ceramic plates on the fabric surface. These ceramic plates are extremely durable and provide a smooth, hard surface that will deflect minor cuts and scrapes that can damage the sensor. The ceramic plates are chew-proof to rodents and will prevent them from entering a building past the bottom door seal.

The standard cover color is black fabric with gray ceramic plates. A wide variety of fabric and ceramic plate colors and patterns are available for custom applications. This armored material can be used in many other applications where a flexible protective covering is needed. High-use, high-cycle applications. Food processing, storage and distribution facilities. Grain and animal feed storage and distribution facilities. Heavy industrial, chemical, recycling/waste treatment. Any other hard-use applications. 

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Rodent Blocker Seal Material



OPTION 2: RodentBlock Seals filled with Patented Fill Fabric


Rodent Blocker Bottom Seal

 Traditional seals on garage doors provide resistance to pests, but can be gnawed through and serve as a common entrance. The rodentBLOCK door seal features Xcluder'sT patented fill fabric to create a barrier that is nearly impenetrable to rats, mice and other pests. By creating that barrier, end users are able to reduce maintenance costs and improve compliance to regulations. Xcluder's patented fill fabric has been USDA tested.

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Rodent Blocker Bottom Seal

Rodent Weather Seal For Commercial Garage Doors


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