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Commercial & Industrial Hurricane (Wind Load Resistant) Garage Doors

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on Sep 21, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Commercial or industrial wind load-rated overhead doors can help to protect your facility, your staff, your equipment, and your goods. During hurricane season, there’s often a lot of questions about commercial and industrial hurricane garage doors and how to protect buildings from damage. It’s no surprise that rolling doors, sectional steel doors, and fire-rated doors are often areas of great concern, as an opening or hole in the building is a natural pressure point that must be able to withstand great wind forces in a hurricane. 

Insulated Wind Load Sectional Door 423Insulated Wind Load Sectional Door 423

One important component that can help your facility withstand hurricane-force winds and should be one of the top items in one’s preparedness list is selecting a commercial or industrial hurricane and wind load overhead door.

What is a Wind Load Garage Garage Door?

Wind load garage doors are engineered to protect the structural integrity of a building from the high-speed winds associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. These doors protect a building's structure by resisting buckling, bowing, and misalignment when faced with intense pressures.

Having a Wind Load Rated Overhead Door Can Make a Big Difference

Did you know that when high winds hit, a reinforced door like this is one of the most important structural elements to keep your home or business intact while disaster kits are important for emergency evacuations? Having a wind load-rated overhead door might make the difference between returning to a pile of debris or to your structure as you left it. If a high force wind causes your overhead door to collapse or detach from its track, high winds can blow out entry doors, walls, windows, and even the roof once inside as winds build up internal pressure. 

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There's No Need to Sacrifice Style for Safety

Our wind load overhead doors have a system of specifically designed components such as upgraded track, hinges and roller, reinforcing struts for the door, and brackets that work altogether to reach a specific design pressure, the one that the overhead door can withstand. They have also been tested and designed to comply with wind load requirements set by the local building authorities and by the state.

Commercial Wind Load Overhead Door High-Speed and High-Performance Door NJ and NYC
Wind Load Resistant High-Speed Overhead Door

Commercial Doors With Wind Load Options

Business owners can choose from an extensive line of industrial and commercial garage doors with wind load options, such as:

1. Sectional Steel Systems

Our complete line of sectional steel doors includes the most complete selections of track styles, gauges, panel profiles, and hardware for commercial sectional door systems.

Non-Insulated Wind Load Sectional Door 421-1Non-Insulated Wind Load Sectional Door 421

2. Fire Rated Roll-Up Door Systems

We offer a wide array of wind load fire-rated rolling steel doors that meet demanding unusual opening sizes, fire safety standards, and discerning aesthetic requirements.

fire rated doorsWind Load Rolling Service Doors Stormtite™ 620

3. Overhead Door Rolling Service Systems

Our wind load overhead door rolling service doors ensure that your project specifications will be met with style and in an easy way.  We offer in addition to the industry’s widest array of slat profiles, curtain materials, colors, and wind load options.

Rollup Dock Door Wind Load Resistant Overhead Doors Hurricane Proof NYC NJ 2 Stormtite 620Hurricane Resistant Rolling Service Doors Stormtite™ 620

4. Overhead Door™ Thermacore® Systems

It is an ideal choice for applications that demand the highest levels of wind load resistance, thermal efficiency, and air infiltration.​ The Thermacore® sectional door model 515 and model 525 are engineered to withstand higher design pressure than our other Thermacore® models.​ They are the premier line of insulated sectional steel doors available today.

Commercial and Industrial Wind Load Resistant Overhead Doors ThermacoreWind Load Thermacore® Sectional Door Model 515

5. Rolling Sheet Doors

Attractive and solidly constructed, our wind load rolling sheet doors are also easy on your budget.

Rolling_Steel_Sheet_Doors_790CWHurricane Resistant Rolling Sheet Doors

When a hurricane is coming, there’s a lot to worry about. You won’t have to worry about your hurricane garage doors if they’re constructed with the correct wind load. Get the peace of mind and dependable performance you expect and deserve.

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