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Parts of a Sectional Door

Posted by Wendell Daguno on Mon, Apr 07, 2014 @ 08:33 PM

 Whether your business already has a sectional door installed or you are considering at as option for your convenience and security needs, it is important to know how the door operates so you can use it properly and make sure you obtain the maintenance it requires. The key to understanding the operation is observing the most important parts of a sectional door. Here are a few of the parts you’ll find on most of the common sectional doors on the market today.

Track – The track section is what guides the door up and out of the way when it is not being used.

Motor – A motorized sectional door is the standard today. A motor is what operates the opener and moves the door as necessary.

Sectional Panels – Each panel is separate from the one next to it. This allows the door to fold or roll up on itself when it is in the open position.

Hinges – This is what holds together the adjacent sections of the door. With a sectional door, this is vital for holding the door together but allowing it to move.

Springs – Springs are what make the door open and close as it should. Without a spring, the door would just fall to the floor. It is vital that springs are checked out regularly to make certain they are operating as they should.

Below is a detailed illustration of a sectional door's primary parts:


If you have any questions about your sectional door or are considering installing one in the future, call or contact the team at The Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands and NYC. We would love to help!

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